Mistaken Identity

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Diego and Maria Fernandez: Society royals. Respected and admired by many. Blessed with a wonderful family life and the life of the rich and famous...until that fatal day.

Antonio Fernandez: A Billionaire. Adopted by wealthy influential people, his future is set. He is charismatic, educated and smooth. He is Prince Charming. Life is amazing. He is rich, in love and with the world at his feet...until that fatal day.

Elouise Houndsworth: The sweet daughter of Rebecca. A charmed upbringing by default. After graduation, she takes a sabbatical and travels Europe. Her life is planned. Volunteer work. Marriage and happy ever after...until that fatal day.

Franco Santos: Live a troubled life from the get-go. The world owes him, for what he had to put up with. He is bent on making somebody pay -anybody, everybody. Fate turns his world upside down and he is made in the shade...because of that fatal day.